Optimising Builder Safety through innovative Scaffold technology


Synergy Access & Scaffolds (SAAS) is one of the largest scaffolding suppliers in the Oceanic Region.


They have been operating since 2011 and supply the Australian Nation with Mobile Scaffolds in various types, safety equipment, and customisations of scaffold technology.

Fueled by passion and backed by extensive industry experience, Synergy Scaffolding provide effective solutions tailored customer-centric needs and circumstances.


Synergy stock a wide range of scaffolding products that suit every renovation, construction, or maintenance project, as well as complementary parts and accessories that ensure every job is carried out effectively and-most importantly-safely.


The Challenge

Synergy Access & Scaffolds previously serviced labour hire, but are now solely an e-commerce company that focuses on detailing custom scaffolding solutions, for buy, hire and/or finance.


When converting, their current branding did not match the companies vision of becoming a top-tier scaffolding manufacturer who innovate custom solutions. They needed to portray higher professionalism when communicating with customers and provide brand clarity.

Synergy Access & Scaffolds' branding was conflicting not only in it's design, but with other brands in a saturated market. Synergy's claim to be the most innovative scaffolding company was not backed up by their aesthetics, nor did their mission and values align with their customers' needs.

The Solution

Synergy Access & Scaffolds has history, so we want to keep that history recognisable when developing a new logo and brand identity. The identity has to represent their past while portraying a fresh, new, professional e-commerce platform, and providing clarity that they no longer service labour hire.

After identifying the types of customers Synergy Access & Scaffolds caters their products to, we were able to develop a strategy that aligned their values with their customer's needs and wants, and even target more demographics. We identified the strengths of Synergy Access & Scaffolds, one being their customisation of scaffold technology to maximise efficiency and safety.

Old Logo


New Logo



Authorisation Card
Presentation Folder Design
Identity Design
Vehicle Wrap design
Helmet Design
Helmet Design
Helmet Design
Helmet Design



Synergy Access & Scaffolds

Client Owner:

Mohammad El Jarrar

Production Team:

Artisan Tones

Lead Designer:
Jake Vitiello


Jake Vitiello


  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe inDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe inDesign


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