SV Beauty

Flourishing Beauty through natural care

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SV Beauty is a Natural Beauty brand that aims to bring women the best natural beauty products that assist skincare routines whilst maintaining the beautiful art of make-up.

This business is a startup and it's development began in late 2019. After securing investment, SV Beauty will inject its products into the market using drop ship deliver and sold through a physical vendor.

With the sale of a Beauty product, SV Beauty also offers their customers a FREE makeup tutorial booklet which shows various ways of using certain products to achieve the look the customer wants.

Other products included are mainly skincare.

The Problem

SV Beauty is a start-up brand looking for investors to secure enough funds to manufacture their beauty products. They have generated a business plan and have created a line of prototype products but without physical product designs, promotional designs and presentation designs, SV Beauty have no way of visually appealing to their potential investors.

The Objective

For SV Beauty to be successful in collecting investments, the overall brand identity must be strong, elegant and sophisticated.

Using custom-generated user profiles, we can start preparing important attributes such as colours and typography, and then transition into shapes, patterns and layouts to produce a theme that will solidify SV Beauty's identity.



SV Beauty

Client Owner:

Seana V.

Production Team:

Artisan Tones

Lead Designer:
Jake Vitiello


Jake Vitiello


  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe inDesign


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