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Sporting Rovers is a new and modern sporting club with sponsors, affiliations and an outsourced apparel store. Their qualities are similarly derivative of the legendary sporting club, Manchester United.

Sporting Rovers was established in 2013 and is based in Heckenberg, NSW at Whitlam Park. The club environment emanates a family-felt aura with owners that take pride in their teams, their club individuals and stay true to the purpose of the club.

With an ever-increasing number of community members, the Official Club Board of Sporting Rovers have decided to expand their services, increase their customer / club member engagement and position themselves in a more sophisticated and professional manner on the sporting market place.


The Challenge

Sporting Rovers has a remarkable physical foundation. But with the introduction of the deadly pandemic (COVID-19), the Sporting Rovers community's communication started dwindling. This issue became devastating to the clubs' growth and and harmful to the clubs' connection with its existing members and participating visitors. Though the pre-existing social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were utilised, they were not executed at full potential and the official website offered no useful information or utility.

With the introduction of new digital assets including a Brand Strategy and Design Guide for future promotional and branding endeavors, and a new website centralising all information for club members and visitors, we can revitalise the communication between Sporting Rovers and its community, keeping the connection positive for the entirety of its existence.

The Solution

Compared to other local clubs (and more established clubs), Sporting Rovers only offers specific updates and these updates are not categorised. The information on the current website is almost non-existent and provides the current and future members no insight to sport specific elements. 

After evaluating current assets and assessing other club services, we can enhance the growth of Sporting Rovers by:

  • Creating a website that is catered to their users’ needs, wants and more

  • Providing the community with more information

  • Devise Social Agendas that incentivises a follower to follow more than one platform

  • Increasing Sporting Rovers’ website traffic and improving their bounce rate

  • Generating utilities to assist with marketing and customer management

  • Designing a strong and formidable brand identity for strong market presence and to keep the brand relevant for future marketing endeavours.

  • Create templates catered for specific social platforms

  • Providing a Brand Strategy assessing previous business assets and building a stronger foundation for the community, players, visitors and affiliates/sponsors

  • Making promotional material for future expansions and club developments



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Sporting Rovers FC

Client Owner:

Kevin George

Juan Goyo

Production Team:

Artisan Tones

Lead Designer:
Jake Vitiello


Jake Vitiello


  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • WIX Website Builder

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