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PrimoFit is a fitness brand looking to expand globally in the later stages of its development. It provides personal training and nutrition services from fitness professionals, a small premium apparel shop and it's main gym venue in Spring Farm, New South Wales, Australia. They also present flexible membership options with no locked in contracts, have various fitness professionals with different specialities for targetting different goals for individuals, group training classes and a creche for people with children.

PrimoFit's mission is to empower individuals by providing a revolutionised fitness pltform that solely focuses on enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing through unique methods of training.


The Challenge

PrimoFit had a website that had the features it needed to operate, but it was not meeting user experience expectations and was conflicting in its aesthetic. Users became confused when locating specific information which occurred with almost each and every website interaction.

New visitors would not progress through the website and current members became frustrated when trying to find much needed information such as class timetables, leading to negative website experiences.

The owner of this established gym, Ajay, wanted to extend his facilities and services in another region. To do this, Ajay must convince evaluators to let him use their buildings. But before he expands, everything else must be solved first.

The Solution

The goal of this website overhaul was to introduce a new visual aesthetic corresponding to colours used at the venue and organise the information in a more structured design to achieve PrimoFit's goals of:

  • Encouraging new potential customers to become members

  • Accommodate current members with information they previously relied on with higher readability

  • Provide more information on services provided

  • Increase the amount of unique visitors without losing their attention, decreasing the website's bounce rate

  • Promote a new motion: 'Vibe your Potential'

  • Produce a strong Brand Identity using current logo

  • Generate visuals for the new and upcoming PrimoFitX




PrimoFit HQ

Client Owner:

Ajay Hijazi

Production Team:

Artisan Tones

Lead Designer:
Jake Vitiello


Jake Vitiello


  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • WIX Website Builder


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