Palm Creations

luxury gifts at an affordable price for every occasion

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Palm Creations creates luxury gifts, for affordable prices, for every occasion. The idea as created by a passionate mum of three who expresses her love for others through gifts.

It has the potential to become a global hit, but during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Palm Creations set their eyes on the Australian market.

With a creative idea and a strong vision, we have collaborated with Palm Creations to produce beautiful, sophisticated and luxurious designs to help progress their branding in the right direction, and position their brand professionally in the market place.


The Challenge

Palm Creations is still a new concept. There is a visionary behind this concept, but without bringing these ideas to design, there was no way of conceptualising further improvements to finalise communication with investors and customers. They needed to see the ideas, products and the identity to understand what they are investing in.

The Solution

After identifying and understanding the types of customers Palm Creations is marketing to, we were able to create designs that expressed their quality to their audience.



Palm Creations

Client Owner:

Sophie N.

Production Team:

Artisan Tones

Lead Designer:
Jake Vitiello


Jake Vitiello


  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe XD


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